Diploma in Accounting


KTC ACCOUNTANTS INTITUTES shall groom the KTC students who aim for both world largest & most prestigious Double UK Chartered Accountancy qualifications ie ACCA & ICAEW plus Reputable University ie OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY (UK) BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting through KTC-DIA programme in 3 years & LCCI + ACCA-CAT in 1 year time.

KTC-DIA is approved by MQA, MOE, PTPTN & HRDF through MQA Department on 15th August 2012, approval referral number: MQA/PA 1987 (JB); on 1st April 2014,MQA/PA 3396 (Kluang); on 12th August 2014, MQA/PA 4238 (Batu Pahat); on 11th June 2013, MAQ/PA 3397 (Muar).

KTC-DIA consolidated all the world highest and latest accountancy professional, technical and ethical knowledge and standards within the 3 years programme.

In 2015 KTC Accountants Institutes shall launch corporate training in GST 2014, Income Tax, Company Law & MPERS Training Programmes.

KTC students who pursue the Full-time and Part-time KTC-DIA Programme shall be able to achieve both the world wide recognized Diploma LCCI + ACCA-CAT & the world most prestigious UK Chartered Accountancy qualifications ie: ICAEW and ACCA and a good UK Accountancy Degree in 4 to 5 years (Full time / Part Time) as through the following pathway.

Full Time – 3 Years | Part Time – 5 Years